Accessing and managing Azure Storage Blobs with .Net Core
Azure Blob Storage can be accessed using a storage account shared key or a shared access signature whose access parameters must be signed either by a shared key or a user delegation key. This article briefly describes some details of how to use account keys and Service SAS, also, you can find a small C# application for connecting and performing CRUD operation with blob storage.
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Connecting to Microsoft Azure and creating resources with .Net Core
Microsoft Azure resources can be managed using Azure SDK, which opens a lot of possibilities for third-party applications, thus you can create your own visualization and resource management tools.
Accessing and mapping SQL data with Dapper micro-ORM
Dapper is a tiny ORM for .Net, it can be used to run SQL queries and map their result set to static or dynamic .Net objects. There are at least two reasons that can motivate you to use it..
Microservices architecture
Microservices architecture describes a set of techniques for building a back-end server applications as a set of smaller services. Each microservice has its own bounded context, database, and domain model. Also, each service is developed and deployed independently and runs in its own separate process.