Dapper is a tiny ORM for .Net, it can be used to run SQL queries and map their result set to static or dynamic .Net objects. There are at least two reasons that can motivate you to use it..
Microservices architecture describes a set of techniques for building a back-end server applications as a set of smaller services. Each microservice has its own bounded context, database, and domain model. Also, each service is developed and deployed independently and runs in its own separate process.
A basic introduction into RabbitMQ broker, after which a short instruction on how to run it using docker. Once the broker will be started up, two .Net Core applications will demonstrate how to generate, distribute, and consume messages.
REST API Cheat Sheet small image
REST is an acronym for Representational State Transfer and it is an architectural style for distributed hypermedia systems. REST defines a set of constraints for creating Web services. The cheat sheet provides a basic quick reference for introducing to the REST.
docker swarm diagram

       Docker Swarm is an orchestration tool for Docker containers that allows managing multiple nodes as a single cluster. Every swarm node is a physical or a virtual machine running a docker host. Docker swarm in conjunction with docker service offers a wide range of options to scale up and down containers across a cluster nodes and provides the ability for containers to recover from...